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Client:                                      C&A
Creative Director:       Cathy Boom
Art Director:                    Nicole Hardt
Photographer:               Astrid Grosser
Photographer:               Magnus Magnusson
Styling:                                  Sebastiano Ragusa
H&M:                                          Saskia Krause
H&M:                                          Felix Stösser
The Challenge

Teaming up with the creative direction of Cathy Boom and art direction by Nicole Hardt, we produced the SS24 campaign for the C&A brand. Our emphasis on diverse casting showcased a mix of adult models and children, adding depth and inclusivity to the campaign.

This project came to life through the lens of talented photographers Astrid Grosser and Magnus Magnusson. In addition to the studio settings, our creative journey led us to the serene embrace of nature in Berlin.

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