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A production and artist agency with an adaptive approach to creating unique content

Art-Buying, creative photo production and artist management Hamburg:

70seven is artist management and represention for photographers and videographers.

Fashion photographer representing and management for photographers and DOP Director

photo production and artist management

70seven is a production company based in Hamburg and Berlin, operating throughout Germany. We specialize in photo and video motion production, organizing photo teams, crews, stylists, and digital operators in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and other locations. Our services extend to photo productions and social media marketing, serving photographers in Hamburg, Berlin, the North Sea, Baltic Sea, and international destinations such as Morocco, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, and Lisbon. In addition to production services, we offer comprehensive support for photographers, DOPs, videographers. art buyer in Hamburg. Our expertise covers catalog production, film production, director and organization. We also provide location options in Hamburg, Berlin, and Düsseldorf for photoshoots, and we manage the entire production process. At 70seven, we have a dedicated studio, the kju studio, which caters to our creative production services, providing a space for our artists, photographers, and DOPs. We also offer management services for artists and emerging photographers, as well as video DOPs for both film and still photography.

Hamburg Photo Producer und Berlin Production Service. Teamzusammenstellung und Reiseplanung und Planung des Fotoshootings in Deutschland.

Fotoproduktion Hamburg und Berlin. Produktion eines Fotomotivs Fotomotiv, Produktion Fotoshooting Fotoshootings. Wir organisieren das Fototeam und die Crew. Die Stylistin und Dili-Operator local in Hamburg und Berlin. Neuerdings auch an den Standorten Düsseldorf & Köln mit Crew und Producer für Fotoproduktionen und Social-Media Marketing vertreten. Service Produktion für Fotografen in Hamburg, Berlin Nordsee und Ostsee und im Ausland, Marokko, Kanada, Vancouver, Calgary, Island, Norwegen, Seattle, Nordamerika. Fotografenservice, Production Service for Photography in Hamburg Germany. Organisation für Fotografen und Fotografie. Service Produktionsservice im Ausland in Frankreich in der Provence, komplettes Shooting und Organisation. 77seven. Wir bieten Locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Fotolocations in Hamburg für Fotoshootings an.70 Seven 70seven Produktionsservice Produktionsleitung eines Shootings. Art Buying in Hamburg, Photoproduktion, production service weltweit Katalog sowie Imagefilm und Katalog

creative Photo production Hamburg and Berlin bringing creative and art directors and also brands and all over Germany. Production of a photo and video motion. We organize the photo team and the crew. The stylist and digital operator local in Hamburg and Berlin. Recently also at the Düsseldorf and Cologne represented with crew and producer for photo productions and social media marketing. Service production for photographers in Hamburg, Berlin North Sea and Baltic Sea and abroad, Morocco, Iceland, Norway,, Portugal and Lisbon. Photographer Service, Production Service for film and Photography in Hamburg Germany.

Organization for photographers and photography DOP and Videographer agents.
Service Production service abroad in Spain and Algarve, Comporta complete shooting and organization. 77seven. We offer locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, photo locations in Hamburg for photo shoots.70 Seven 70seven Production service Production management of a shoot. Art buying in Hamburg, photo production, production service worldwide Catalog as well as film and catalog.

We offer an a studio for our creative production service. With the kju studio 70seven offers a studio to their artists and photographers and Dop’s. They offer a management for artists and young photographers. And video DOP’s for film and stills.

Artist Management Service Hamburg:

70seven hat das Casting und die gesamte Fotoproduktion in Hamburg für den Kunden Daimler Financial Services betreut. Fotoproduktion organisieren Shooting planen fotoshooting planen umsetzen betreuen.
Fotoproduktion Hamburg. Produktion eines Fotomotivs Fotomotiv, Produktion Fotoshooting Fotoshootings.

Fotografenauswahl und Fotografenvermittlung des Fototeams einer kompletten Fotoproduktion. 70seven sind Producer und Locationscouts aus Hamburg die weltweit produzieren.
70seven betreut shootingkampagnen von der Entstehung durch den Art-Director und Kreativ-Director der Werbeagentur.

Artist management

Locations in Hamburg

location scouting

„Locationscout in Hamburg“

Servie in Hamburg, Berlin, Muich, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Germany and worldwide, Portugal and Spain, Canary Islands

creative Production service and artists management

Locations and Studio kju

fashion shoot

campaigns for fashion brands

Freies Art-Buying in Hamburg, unabhängige Fotografenauswahl und Zusammenstellung von Styling und Hair/Make-up Artists mit Teams in Hamburg, Berlin und international.
Wir organisieren Shootings und Kampagnen als Service Produktion für Fotografen in Hamburg, Berlin, sowie an der Nordsee Sylt und Ostsee und im Ausland.

We offer locations in Hamburg, Berlin, and Düsseldorf for photoshoots. At 70seven, we provide production management services for shoots, along with art buying in Hamburg. We cater to both photo and film productions, offering catalog production, image film production, and art buying services. Our expertise extends worldwide, covering various locations.

Artist Management Service in Hamburg:

70seven has successfully managed the casting and entire photo production in Hamburg for Daimler Financial Services. We excel in organizing and implementing photo productions, including shooting planning and management.

For photo productions in Hamburg, we offer the production of photo motifs and photoshoots. We assist in the selection and placement of photographers, creating a complete photo production team. At 70seven, we are producers and location scouts based in Hamburg, operating worldwide.

Moreover, 70seven is proud to handle shooting campaigns from inception to execution, working closely with art directors and creative directors from advertising agencies.

In addition to our services, we offer various locations in Hamburg for photoshoots. Our team specializes in location scouting to provide the perfect backdrop for your creative vision. As a "locationscout in Hamburg," we ensure that you find the ideal setting for your project.

Mercedes Benz Rent Fotoproduktion.
Produktionsservice Locationscout locations location Hamburg Germany Deutschland Locationsuche Locationscouts

worldwide sustainable photo & film production services 
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Locationscout Germany Hamburg & Berlin, Düsseldorf & Cologne
Daimler Photoshoot Hamburg
Gosee Photography Director
Agentur für Foto- und Filmproduktion Hamburg. Locationdatenbank, location Service Werbeproduktionen Hamburg Produktionsmanagement Fotoshooting Hamburg Location Scouting Produktionsservice. STEVE MARAIS photo agent

fagent for photographers directors and DOP

70seven Photoshoot Art Buying Film Production Service Germany
Daimler Advertising Fotoproduktion in Hamburg/a>
Production Directory Germany
70seven Fotoproduktion Daimler Hamburg Berlin
Fotoproduktion in Hamburg Production service directory Germany

We strive to create original content in the creative fields of photography and film, and work closely with brands and agencies to bring out the full potential of their stories.

The Challenge

With expertise in creating multidisciplinary photo and film content for innovative global brands, we boast a charismatic team and an extensive network of local partners to deliver tailored production services on a global scale.

The Approach

We firmly believe that fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere is key to the success of any project. Our focus is cultivating long-lasting partnerships while maintaining a calm and solution-oriented mindset to ensure effective execution of any production.

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70seven is the full-service solution for agencies, brands and companies looking for the highest quality in photography and film.