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Office Lights

The collaboration between Artemide, one of the world's leading lighting companies, and the renowned photographer Peter Fehrentz has resulted in impressive images that present Artemide's designs as true works of art. Fehrentz's precise aesthetics and light staging show the luminaires interacting with the room, bringing spaces to life and creating a unique atmosphere. From minimalist to opulent designs, he captures the diversity of Artemide luminaires and plays with light and shadow to create different moods.

His photographs are more than product photos; they tell stories and invite you to rediscover the world of Artemide luminaires. This collaboration combines Fehrentz's artistic talent with Artemide's innovative luminaires and results in unique images that capture the fascination of light. The portfolio of these photographs is an inspiring collection of lighting artworks that demonstrate the design possibilities of light and space while emphasising Artemide's innovative strength.

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