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Peter Fehrentz

Peter Fehrentz, a product design graduate, is not only a renowned furniture designer for companies such as More and Luiz, but also a well known interior photographer and interior designer based in Hamburg. Fehrentz's creative approach is largely characterised by the guiding principle "I design because it binds my love". Even during his studies, he showed more interest in the effect of objects on their surroundings than in the objects themselves. His multifaceted career encompasses not only furniture design, but also styling, interior design, set design and, above all, photography.

His skills in photography and set design are reflected in the staging of furnishings and rooms for well-known magazines and companies. He not only creates harmonious designs, but also entire living environments. His collaboration with various brands results in a unique symbiosis of his design disciplines.

Fehrentz's style, characterised by purist design elements, lends a poetic touch not only to furniture but also to architecture. His openness to playful experimentation and his intuitive approach are particularly evident in his photography and set design. The moment when everything flows together effortlessly inspires his visual worlds with new colours, shapes and material combinations - the unexpected becomes the source of his creativity.

In addition to his roles as a furniture designer, interior photographer, and interior designer, Peter Fehrentz also serves as a Director for commercials. His keen eye for composition and storytelling extends seamlessly into the realm of moving images, where he skillfully crafts narratives through visual storytelling. Whether capturing the essence of a space in a single frame or orchestrating dynamic sequences, Fehrentz's directorial vision brings a new dimension to his creative endeavors, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and influential figure in the design world.

„I design because it binds my love.“

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