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Steve Marais is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Known for his energetic visual style, Steve is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community who uses his camera to celebrate the beauty of all bodies, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, shape or size. He is curious about the different realities that people face and he invites them to collaborate with him in making new experiences, together. He actively embraces inclusion and variety in his work, and shows the everyday in a fresh and authentic light.

His personal work has been featured in numerous publications, where he has received acclaim for his ability to get close and extract a raw sensuality from his subjects. His love for photography developed as a young boy, when he used an old compact to snap photos of his family and environment. He soon became fascinated by human expression in different situations and settings.

Having travelled extensively the world over, Steve has documented the lives and stories of people from various backgrounds and walks of life, from burlesque artists in Cape Town to refugees in Greece. He believes that photography can be a powerful tool for social change and awareness.

Steve has a talent for capturing people in a way that is both intimate and empowering.

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