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Symbiosis of light and design

Renowned designer and photographer Peter Fehrentz has teamed up with Midgard, a traditional lamp manufacturer, to create unique campaign images. Fehrentz's expertise in styling, set design and photography flows into the design of the images, which captivate with their aesthetics and atmosphere.

Midgard's high-quality and sustainable luminaires with timeless design and functionality are showcased and presented to a wider audience. The campaign images show the lights in different living environments and reflect the versatility of the Midgard collection.

The result of the collaboration is an inspiring series of images that combine design, photography and light while honouring Midgard's heritage. Midgard's luminaires, including the iconic Wagenfeld luminaire, epitomise tradition, innovation, quality and longevity. By collaborating with Fehrentz, Midgard strengthens its brand awareness and recognition in the market for high-quality luminaires.

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