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Agency:                               Loved
Client:                                 tt.bagatt
Creative Director: Mieke Haase
Art Director:              Ruben Scupin
Photographer:        Jette Stolte
DOP:                                      Lucas Hofer
1. AC:                                     Fabian Geister
Styling:                            Mira Uszkureit
H&M:                                    Spiri Fountoglou
Retouch:                        CHRISTIAN BRANSCHEIDT
Edit/Grading:             Matthias Georg
SoundDesign:             jd404notfound
The Challenge

In collaboration with Mieke Haase and Ruben Scupin from Loved Agency, we produced the new campaign for BAGATT, an Italian footwear brand, for the spring/summer season of 2024. The campaign was brought to life with the expertise of photographer Jette Stolte and director of photography Lucas Hofer.

Originating in northern Italy in the 1980s, BAGATT represents the fusion of trendy women's shoes with the elegant Italian style. Rather than simply repeating history, BAGATT is now carrying it forward into the future.

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