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Body Love

Body Love

All bodies are beautiful, and we should feel good about ourselves, regardless of our size, shape, skin tone, gender and age. I did an open casting-call on social media for real people with fuller figures and put together this “prom-themed” series to celebrate self-love. Body positivity is more than a hashtag or a trend. It is a movement that challenges the unrealistic and oppressive beauty standards that dominate our media and culture. The concept of embracing diversity, inclusion, and self-love for all body types is of significant importance, as it can lead to improvements in our mental and physical well-being, boost our confidence, and empower us to live our lives authentically.

body love

Diversity photography, Steve Marais captures the beauty of all body types regardless of size, shape, skin tone, .

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body positivity photography

Celebrating Diversity and Redefining Beauty Standards: Steve Marias photo campaign fearlessly challenges societal expectations by featuring a stunning array of curvy models with different body shapes, sizes, and backgrounds By celebrating diversity and encouraging conversations, Campaign's work drives us toward a more inclusive and compassionate world where every body is celebrated and respected.

In a world saturated with narrow beauty ideals, photographer Steve Campaign embarked on a mission to promote body love through his empowering photo campaign. Departing from conventional norms, Campaign chose to celebrate the beauty and diversity of curvaceous individuals. Through his captivating imagery, he aimed to capture the essence of self-acceptance, confidence, and empowerment, urging viewers to embrace their bodies and cultivate a profound love for themselves.

Challenging Stereotypes and Sparking Conversations: Steve Campaign's photo campaign transcends the surface level by challenging stereotypes associated with curvaceous individuals and igniting conversations about body image, self-worth, and inclusivity. The thought-provoking visuals encourage viewers to question their own preconceived notions and biases, nurturing a more inclusive and compassionate society. Campaign's work serves as a catalyst for transforming societal attitudes and fostering understanding and acceptance for all body types.

Fostering Body Love and Empowerment: photo campaign powerful message of body love and self-empowerment
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body love through his empowering photo campaign

celebrating diversity photo story by Steve Marais

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Body Love Photo story

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Steve Campaign's empowering photo journey celebrates body love, defying societal beauty standards. Through his lens, he captures the beauty and diversity of individuals with unique curves, inspiring self-acceptance and empowerment. By promoting diversity and igniting conversations, Campaign's work contributes to a more inclusive world where every body is embraced and celebrated.

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Editorial Story about empowerment. Campaign Shoot by Steve Marais. Also Production by 70seven and exclusive photo agent and artist management. 70seven is a creative production service for Photographers and Directors also DOP’s.

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